Synchro Team

Synchronized Skating is the newest discipline of figure skating involving a team. These teams are typically made up of 8 to 20 skaters, dependent on the level. Skaters learn the basics of synchronized steps, elements, formation, and gliding to the music together as a team. Values such as team spirit, discipline, unison and unity of the team are just some of the things we strive to achieve as we develop together. Our goal is to have a fun and safe environment that drives the skaters to always perform at their best all while making friends that will last a lifetime.

Margarita Tyler

Margarita Tyler

Her experience of working professionally for 9 years 1/2 with Holiday on ice allows her to create harmony and unison in large groups all while keeping safety at the forefront. Margarita started as an Assistant Synchro Coach and within a few weeks became the head coach of the synchronized team at Kendall ice Arena. She continued her career at Pines Ice Arena 4 year ago. After moving, she once again followed her passion and began to build another synchro team. This team was able to successfully achieve its goal and compete at the 2022 Eastern Sectional Synchronized competition. Moving forward, Pines Ice Arena now has 5 teams that are offered to our members. Our goal is to work with USFSA to build support and find guidance in order to bring all levels to a high competitive level.


  • Open Juvenile Tropical Blades
  • Pre Juvenile Sunshine Blades
  • Open Juvenile Sunshine Blades
  • Aspire Beginner Sunshine Blades
  • Snow Plow Sam Aspire Sunshine Blades